Canada Customs Compliance, duty-recovery, International Trade Advisor. Most Canadian importers unknowingly pay substantially more in duties. Want to know if you are one of them?

Canada Customs Duty Recovery

We specialize in Canada Customs Duty Recovery. With 20 years of experience and have recovered millions in duty refunds.

Duty-recovery Service
Canada Customs Compliance

Canada Customs compliance: Customs Compliance Audit Support, NAFTA Eligibility Certification, Valuation, Origin.

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Canada Customs Clearance all Ports

We are a full-service licensed Canada Customs brokerage – we are experts in customs compliance and duty recovery.

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Why Importers Choose Us

Full Service Canada Customs Clearance-All Ports

Our major difference – first, we are Canada Customs duty recovery and customs compliance specialists with 20 years of experience. We make sure our clients pay Least Legally Possible Duties® and be 100% Customs compliant.

Duty-recovery Contingency Service

On average 20~25% imported goods are not classified correctly. We specialize in Canada Customs Duty-recovery. Over the years, our flagship proprietary duty-recovery system Least Legally Possible Duties® has consistently delivered substantial benefits to Canadian importers, millions in refund. The service is self funded, only payable when the duty-refund amount is credited to the account.

Canada Customs Compliance

International trade is complex and everchanging. We offer Canada Customs Compliance services that bring instant peace of mind that you being an importer and responsible to what is submitted to Customs, you are 100% compliant with Canada Customs rules and regulations.

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Years of Industry Experience


Average monthly import data lines


Access to world wide customs ruling and court cases that can be cross referenced


Customs Rulings Winning Rate

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To help Canadian importers pay Least Legally Possible Duties
and be 100% customs compliant.


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