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To clear imported goods at all Canadian ports-of-entry as efficiently and quickly as possible and with integrity help Canadian importers pay least legally possible customs duties.

Canada Customs Duty Recovery Overview


Company overview

Precision Customs is a leading Canada Customs duty recovery and Customs Brokerage firm in Toronto, Canada. It is fully licensed and certified by Canada Customs and with 20 years of duty reovery and compliance experience. Over the years it has successfully recovered millions in duty refund for Canadian importers of all sizes, from Fortune-100 to to SMEs.

Many Canadian importers unknowingly pay higher customs duties than what is actually required by Canada customs duty tariffs. Tariffs are complex and highly interpretive as to how the goods were packaged and imported at first appearance – “Prima-Facie.” It is a well-known international trade industry fact that 20 to 30 percent of imported goods into Canada are inaccurately classified for duties and taxes.

This alarming error is primarily due to several factors including lack of understanding of the products being imported, complicated and highly complex tariff nomenclature, time constraint at the time of clearing goods, improper documents prepared by exporters to Canada, unaware of  government sponsored Trade Incentives Programs available to Canadian importers – Duty-drawbacks, FTAs.

For this reason, We at Precision Customs are here to dedicate our expertise, experience, time, and resources towards helping Canadian importers recover their overpaid duties and we have a very successful track record in recovering overpaid duties.

Precision Customs continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. Duty recovery and customs compliance is our core offering and our passion. We work with our clients with integrety and put their interest first!

How can we help you?

Canadian importers/exporters, do you need any help in importing or exporting?

Tariq Shaikh at Precision Customs has delivered significant value to our company thanks
to his deep customs expertise, attention to detail and genuine interest in helping our
business grow. I have been impressed by the level of diligence Tariq has consistently
shown in preparing large and complex documentation that put us in a strong position to
manage our expenses paid to the CBSA. His work identifying an opportunity and consulting
for Wayfair has resulted in material savings to our business, and I’d recommend Precision
Customs to others.

Deborah Poole
General Manager, Wayfair Canada, Wayfair, LLC - www.wayfair.ca
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Canada Customs Clearance Service We are a full-service Canada Customs Brokerage Firm. License and bonded with CBSA to clear goods at all Canadian ports of entry. Our major difference – first, we are Canada Customs duty recovery and customs compliance specialists with 20 years of experience. We make sure our clients' shipments cross the border

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Canada Customs Duty-recovery Service Over 25% of Canadian imported goods are not accurately classified at the time of imports. As a result many importers unknowingly overpay customs duties. We help Canadian importers recover those overpaid duties. On a contingency basis. It is only payable if we are successful in bringing back overpaid customs duties. We

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