Canada Customs Duty-recovery Service

Canada Customs Duty-recovery Service


Over 25% of Canadian imported goods are not accurately classified at the time of imports. As a result many importers unknowingly overpay customs duties. We help Canadian importers recover those overpaid duties. On a contingency basis. It is only payable if we are successful in bringing back overpaid customs duties.

We specialize in Canada customs duty recovery service. It is our core service offering to Canadian importers of all sizes. Helping them recover overpaid duties paid over the last four years. With our twenty years of result-oriented experience in Canadian HS (Harmonized System) Tariff classification, we are able to pinpoint with precision an accurate HS Classification for the imported goods, which translates in absolute least required customs duties payable. We have recovered millions in duty refunds for Canadian importers of all sizes and industries. We have exposure to thousands of customs rulings, in-depth study of CITT (Canadian International Trade Tribunal) customs cases going back to its inception-1989, and most importantly – proprietory, customs duty recovery software that scans and analyzes each and every line of import data to uncover duty refund opportunity.

Our points of difference and advantage of retaining us:

  • We are a licensed Customs Broker, certified and bonded by Canada Border Services Agency (less than 300 all over Canada).
  • You get the same level of protection and security of your invaluable trade data as you get with your clearing customs broker. Also, we work in tandem with your existing customs broker.
  • We speak Canada Customs technical language and that is required, expected, and understood by them.
  • We never cross legislated customs boundaries. Our success is comprehensively dependent on your success; we will never compromise our commitment to integrity.
  • Our duty refund claims are in agreement with Canada Customs, by securing their positive ruling binding and following the classification strict rules set by customs.
  • All material refund claims are approved and signed by the founder-Tariq Shaikh, not by the junior staff.
  • Clients are kept well informed about the refund claims submitted on their behalf, by way of CJR (Claims Journal Report).
  • Even though we offer premium service, our service rates are as per industry standards.
  • In our experience, we have not witnessed a Canada Customs audit initiated as a result duty refund audit.
  • We never sub-contract our client’s work and have no branch.

In this tough economy where every dollar should be saved, we could prove to be your silent business partner in putting thousand of customs duty refund dollars back to your business bottom line!

How can we help you?

Canadian importers/exporters, do you need any help in importing or exporting?

Tariq Shaikh at Precision Customs has delivered significant value to our company thanks
to his deep customs expertise, attention to detail and genuine interest in helping our
business grow. I have been impressed by the level of diligence Tariq has consistently
shown in preparing large and complex documentation that put us in a strong position to
manage our expenses paid to the CBSA. His work identifying an opportunity and consulting
for Wayfair has resulted in material savings to our business, and I’d recommend Precision
Customs to others.

Deborah Poole
General Manager, Wayfair Canada, Wayfair, LLC -
Precision Customs import doc